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Some of the references I got during the past years


Senior FX TD

The Mill

“Ruben is a hard worker and a talented FX artist. He is a pleasure to work with.” February 24, 2012

Nicolas HernandezHead of 3D / CG supervisor, Mill TV & Film
managed Ruben at The Mill

“Ruben takes direction well and understands the briefs assigned to him. 
He is keen to help out in any way he can and shows a remarkable talent for both CG dynamic effects and general technical direction for lighting and rendering. 
I enjoyed working with him on Sinbad and his contribution to the project is very much appreciated.” February 22, 2012

Jason MayoCG Supervisor, The Mill
managed Ruben at The Mill

“Ruben is a self-motivated, hard-working effects artist with a thorough technical knowledge of a variety of 3D software packages. He works quickly and efficiently and is comfortable tackling a range of dynamic effects. 

He is also a likeable and positive person to work with.” February 22, 2012

Matt McKinney3D Supervisor Doctor Who, The Mill
managed Ruben at The Mill

“Ruben worked for me overseeing all FX work on several episodes of Merlin in 2011 and provided to be a skilled and conscientious artist under what was some very demanding circumstances. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any future employer. 
-Barney Curnow, VFX Supervisor” February 22, 2012

Barney CurnowVisual Effects Supervisor, The Mill
managed Ruben at The Mill


“To whom it may concern, I would like to write a brief recommendation for Ruben Mayor, simply to testify to his talent and abilities.

I have not personally worked with Ruben, however he has attended multiple of my FX related workshops and masterclasses over the years and stood out from the crowd as someone not only exceptionally talented, but also eager to learn and apply himself far more than a lot of other students.

He has not only a good creative eye, but also strong technical abilities and quickly is able to pick up new tools and understand new approaches very quickly which is something that stood out to me.I have recommended Ruben for multiple projects over the years as I think he's definitely someone who is more than capable of working in a feature film and/or game environment on not only effects but I'm confident that he would excel in most areas of 3D.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, as again I'm more than happy to stand behind Ruben's abilities and refer him for any project.

Kindest regards,

Allan McKay

Director + VFX Supervisor


nWave Digital

“I have been working with Ruben for approximatively 5 month and I won't be able to name all the things I learned from him. He was always available to provide some help or teach me new things. He likes new challenges and will find or create the solution you have been looking for in the shortest amount of time. You are looking for a great TD, easy to work with and who will boost your project ? Don't hesitate he will be the right one for any kind of job you may have !” July 31, 2011

Alexandre NeuvilleVFX Animator, nWave Digital
worked directly with Ruben at nWave Digital

“Ruben is an hard worker, highly experienced and skilled TD.He always can find the right solution to several tipical problems in a cg production. He's also very skilled as FX artist. He knows what working in team means. Ruben is really a great person and I would definitely work with him again.” July 29, 2011

Michel CollinetFX Artist, nWave Digital
worked directly with Ruben at nWave Digital

Intervenant MAXScript & VFX


“Ruben est extrêmement efficace tant en pédagogiquement qu'en productivité.” October 5, 2011

David FALLIERESFormateur, CGItrainer
worked directly with Ruben at CGITrainer

VFX Artist/TD


“Ruben Mayor est un spécialiste tant dans les VFX que le script, le développement d'outils personnalisés est un avantage extraordinaire dans la production. La facilité avec laquelle Ruben transcrit une idée en un outil efficace est déconcertante... 
J'ai collaboré avec Ruben à plusieurs reprises sur quelques scènes très spécifiques en VFX, simulation de liquides en intérieur, avec des objets en dynamique. Scène d'extérieurs sous différents climats et sujets d'effets visuels (explosion dans de la neige, torrent d'eau dans de la roche, explosion et effondrement d'un building...) En tant qu'artiste environnement j'ai particulièrement apprécier sa capacité à s'adapter et les échanges de nos diverses collaborations. 

Je le recommande sans le moindre doute à toute personne cherchant un élément qualifié, opiniâtre et aussi pointilleux que moi dans son travail.” July 31, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Vincent GRIEU 
hired Ruben as a VFX Artist/TD chez Freelance in 2009, and hired Ruben more than once