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Node Presets HDA

Node Presets HDA

I've always been a little bit frustrated with the lack of control we have over Houdini's native parameter presets.

I decided to write my own. 

node presets load 


Extract the archive and copy the folder python2.7libs to your homedir/houdiniXX.X/ folder

Copy the node_presets.hda file to your homedir/houdiniXX.X/otls/ folder

You will need to have PyQt4 installed in Houdini in order to use this tool. A PySide version will come later.

How to use:

In Houdini, select one or multiple node and press "SHIFT+P", it will save individual presets for each node.

To apply a preset, select one node and press "CTRL+SHIFT+P". Click on the preset name you want to apply. It will show you in reel time what values are going to be applied.

To apply it, double click on the name or click on accept. Click on cancel to cancel the operation.


  • add a remove preset function
  • make it PySide compatible



Feel free to leave a comment. Let me know if you're having issues with it. I will try to get back to you asap.



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